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Frequently Asked Questions

Commissions FAQ

  1. How do I get paid instantly?

    Make a sale today and your commissions are instantly loaded on your Global Cash Card.

  2. When will I receive my Global Cash Card?

    Once you earn your first commission, your Global Cash Card will be mailed to you by the United States Postal Service first class mail. Expected delivery time will be approximately 3-14 days, depending on your location. With a Global Cash Card, commissions can be withdrawn from nearly one million Automated Teller Machines (ATMs) worldwide or transferred directly into your bank account. If you would like to pay for expedited delivery via United Parcel Service (UPS), please contact and we will provide you with cost estimates and delivery times.

  3. What countries qualify for Instant Pay?

    All countries except India.

  4. How are commissions paid in India?

    All commissions will be paid by check and mailed on Mondays, one week after the cycle in which they were earned. Associates are eligible to receive commissions after their Payment has been received and processed. Please note that TDS will be withheld at the government required rate of 20% for Associates who do not supply a copy of their PAN Card. Associates who provide a copy of their PAN Card by the end of a commission cycle will have the benefit of TDS being withheld at the lower rate of 10%. Please note: Associates will have 60 days after they join to submit their PAN number. There will be a processing fee of INR 25 for every check couriered.

  5. When are commissions calculated in India?

    Commissions are calculated at the end of the Commission Cycle, which ends Saturday at 11:59 pm Eastern. Any Sales Volume generated from Sunday, 12:01am Eastern - Saturday at 11:59 pm Eastern will be paid one week from the following Monday by end of business.

  6. Can I receive a Talk Fusion Branded Debit MasterCard?

    Yes. Gear up for success and brand yourself everywhere you go! For $25 USD, you can purchase a Talk Fusion Debit MasterCard. Email to order yours today! Per MasterCard restrictions, these cards are only available in the US & Canada.

  7. How much is the Fast Start Bonus per package?

    The Fast Start Bonus for a Starter Package is $10.00 USD (INR 450), while the Executive Package is $50.00 USD (INR 2,250).

  8. If I personally sponsor a Starter Associate and they upgrade to an Executive Associate, will I earn the difference in Fast Start Bonuses and the Sales Volume?

    Yes, if they upgrade to the Executive Package, you will earn the $40.00 USD (INR 1,800) difference between the $10.00 USD (INR 450) Fast Start Bonus and the $50.00 USD (INR 2,250) Executive Fast Start Bonus. You will also earn the 100 Sales Volume difference. The upgrade process is easily accomplished in the Video Communication Center in your Back Office.

  9. What do I have to do to be eligible to receive team commissions and bonuses?

    The following must happen first:

    1. You must be ACTIVE - By personally generating a minimum, onetime, 100 PSV. The Starter Package equals 100 PSV and the Executive Package equals 200 PSV. You must be current with your monthly subscription fee or your Annual Renewal fee of $25.00 USD (INR 1,125). The Annual Renewal fee (in select countries only) is paid on the Anniversary of your sign up date. The same credit card you selected to originally sign up will be used for Annual Renewal or Monthly Subscription fees. Associates in India who did not initially pay by Credit Card will need to submit a Demand Draft or supply their Credit Card information.
    2. You must meet a onetime QUALIFICATION - You have at least one Personally Sponsored and Active Associate on both your left and right legs.

  10. What do I have to do in order to earn my $25.00 USD (INR 1,125) Team Commission?

    Each time your Sales Team generates 100 SV on the left and 100 SV on the right, a cycle is complete, and you earn the $25.00 USD (INR 1,125) Team Commission.

  11. Does Sales Volume ever flush?

    Volume is maintained as long as you remain Active and your Qualifiers continue to be met.

  12. If I am Active and Qualified when my volume cycles, and my volume count was 7 Starter Sales (700 SV) left and 10 Starter Sales (1000 SV) right, what would my Team Commissions be?

    Remember, team commissions are paid when your Center Cycles. A Cycle is 100 SV left and 100 SV right. So, in this example, you would earn on 7 Cycles (7 cycles x $25.00 USD (INR 1,125) = $175.00 USD (INR 7,875)). You would then subtract 700 SV from the left and 700 SV from the right. Therefore, you would carry 0 SV left and 300 SV right forward.

  13. How Do I earn a Bronze-Maker Bonus?

    Personally Sponsor one Associate on your left Team and one Associate on your right Team and you become Bronze. When you help those two Personally Sponsored Associates become Bronze, you will receive a one-time Bronze Maker Bonus. In order to receive the Executive Bronze Maker Bonus of $150 USD, (INR 6750) you must be an Executive and your two Personally Sponsored Associates and their 2 Personally Sponsored Associates must all be Executive. If the Bronze Maker structure is attained but all 6 Associates are not Executive, Associates are eligible to receive a one-time Starter Bronze Maker Bonus of $60 USD (INR 2,700).

  14. Can I earn both a Starter and Executive Bronze Maker Bonus?

    Please note you can earn 1 (one) Bronze Maker Bonus, Starter or Executive, whichever is achieved first. These bonuses are designed to get your business off to a fast start. Motivate your team and encourage others to become a Bronze Maker today.

  15. How do I earn a Mega Matching Bonus?

    You must remain Active and Qualified in order to earn a 10% Matching Bonus on all of your personals' Team Commissions.

  16. When are the Advancement Bonuses earned?

    The Bonuses are earned when you achieve the specified rank for the first time and maintain that rank for two consecutive weeks. For example, if you advance from 3 Star to Diamond and maintain the Diamond Rank for two consecutive weeks, you would receive a cash bonus of $1,000 USD (INR 45,000).

  17. Can I have more than one Business Center?

    Once you reach the rank of Blue Diamond, a complimentary new Business Center will be placed above your original Business Center.

  18. Which countries are included in the 1% Leadership pool?

    All countries with active Associates in the Talk Fusion and Talk Fusion Global downlines.

  19. How many shares of the Leadership Pool can one Associate earn?

    One individual Associate can earn a maximum of 25% of the Leadership Pool. For example, if the total Leadership Pool is $10,000 USD (INR 450,000) and there is only one Qualified Associate, that Associate is eligible for a total of $2,500 USD (INR 112,500). If there are four (4) or more Qualified Associates, they would equally share the total Leadership Pool amount. In other words, 10 Qualified Associates would each earn $1,000 USD (INR 45,000). Shares will be paid in the second cycle of the following month.

  20. Which countries pay a monthly fee?

    All countries pay a basic monthly Product Subscription Fee of $20 USD (10 SV), except for the following countries: India, Nigeria, Kuwait, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Nepal, Oman, Philippines, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and U.A.E., who pay a non-commissionable Annual Renewal Fee of $25 USD (INR 1,125).

  21. Do I have a cap on my weekly earning potential?

    You may earn a maximum Team Commission of $50,000 USD (INR 2,250,000) per week. There is no max on Fast Start Bonuses, Matching Bonuses and the Leadership Pool.

  22. What Conversion Rate is being used for Rupees to United States Dollars?

    INR 45 equals $1 USD, for all conversions of pricing and commissions, India only.

  23. Is there a processing fee for commissions earned?

    Talk Fusion offers the World's First Instant Pay Compensation where Associates earn their Commissions instantly. Please note, a fee of $0.20 is deducted each time a commission is loaded to your Global Cash Card. For Example: If you earn a Fast Start Bonus of $10, the amount of $9.80 will be instantly applied to your Global Cash Card.

  24. If I accidentally place someone in the wrong position in my downline, can I move them to the correct one?

    Commissions are automatically credited to you and your entire upline as sales occur. As such, once a Registration is complete, and Associate's position cannot be moved or changed. Please make sure your Sponsor & placement selections are accurate before proceeding.
*For complete details on Talk Fusion's Compensation Plan, please refer to the downloadable Compensation Plan PDF on our Talk Fusion website.

Product FAQ

  1. How is my email list size determined?

    By the number of unique email addresses in your "Active" Address Book.

  2. Do emails that I place in my "Inactive" folder count towards my subscription limit?

    No, only emails in your "Active" folders count towards your subscription plan.

  3. If someone chooses to opt-out, are they automatically placed in my "Inactive" Folder?

    No, the contact will remain in your "Active" folder, highlighted in yellow, but will not count towards your "Active" folder total.

  4. Can I move someone from the "Inactive" Folder back to the "Active" folder?

    No, once an email address is placed in the "Inactive" folder, it cannot be placed back in the "Active" folder. This safeguard will maintain the integrity of your monthly subscription billing.

  5. Can Video Emails be viewed on my Smartphone?

    Right now, people can view Video Emails on their iPhone.

  6. Why do Talk Fusion Video Emails have with the name of the sender in parenthesis next to it?

    This is called "DomainKeys". It's an Internet standard to authenticate emails actually come from their claimed domain. Additionally it ensures a message's contents remain unaltered during transit, so it's helpful in thwarting email spoofing. Many Internet Service Providers (ISP's) including Yahoo, AOL and Google, now make DomainKeys a mandatory requirement. In other words, if your email does not have DomainKeys, there is a substantial likelihood that it will not be delivered.

  7. Why would a Talk Fusion Video Email go into the Junk folder?

    Talk Fusion does not guarantee that a Video Email will never go to the SPAM folder. No company in the world can guarantee EVERY email they send will always be delivered directly to the inbox and not the SPAM folder, on occasion. At times, over-aggressive SPAM filters can route a legitimate email to the SPAM folder. What that means is a SPAM filter is set too high and it is causing a "false positive". Simply, it is incorrectly interpreting a legitimate email as possible SPAM. An over-aggressive SPAM filter can block any email; regardless of how legitimate it is. Talk Fusion goes to great measures and expenses to ensure we have the highest delivery rate possible. We are a Return Path Sender Score Certified sender of Video Emails which enables us to increase delivery rates at 40% of all mail boxes. This designation allows us to effectively send and deliver millions of Video Emails, all around the world, every day.

  8. Can Talk Fusion guarantee that every Video Email I send will be delivered?

    No company can honestly make the claim that every single email sent will be delivered. Talk Fusion works tirelessly to ensure the highest possible deliverability rate and currently ranks in the top 1% of all commercial email companies in the world. Click here to learn more about our efforts and the simple steps YOU can take to help ensure superior deliverability.

  9. How does Talk Fusion's deliverability rank, on average, according to leading SPAM assessment tools?

    SPAM Assassin is the assessment tool used by most leading ISPs. A sender that ranks over five on the SPAM Assassin scale may have deliverability issues. The average Talk Fusion Video Email scores an amazing -5.3 on the SPAM Assassin scale, indicating an incredibly high deliverability rate.

  10. Which words trigger SPAM filters?

    Because ISPs are always adding more SPAM trigger words, there can never be a comprehensive list, but here are some you should definitely avoid:

    • Email marketing
    • Financial freedom
    • Investment decision
    • See for yourself
    • Marketing solutions
    • Take action now
    • Work at home
    • Online biz opportunity
    • Free website

  11. If someone inadvertently "opts-out", can I opt them in again in My Address Book?

    No. If an email subscriber wishes to opt-in again, this request must be emailed to

  12. If I do not pay the Annual Renewal fee, or cancel my monthly subscription plan, what will happen?

    Effective immediately, upon your anniversary date or date of cancellation, you will no longer have access to your Back Office or Video Communication Center.

  13. If I do not send any Video Emails for the billing period, am I still charged?

    Yes, Associates and Customers are not paying for simply "sending" a Video Email. For example, many of the Video Emails may not be watched or re-watched until months after they were originally sent. Regardless of when the Video Emails are sent, Talk Fusion continues to provide the following services:

    • Video storage on Talk Fusion's servers
    • Storage of all of your email lists
    • Answer any SPAM complaints
    • Provide feedback loops to over 8,000 ISPs from around the world
    • Maintain "opt-in" and "opt-out" lists
    • Manage all of your Contact Folders
    • Real-time tracking of your Video Emails

  14. Can I downgrade my subscription from month to month?

    Monthly subscriptions can be downgraded by sending a downgrade request via email to Make sure to include your Associate or Customer ID number and the new subscription plan requested in your email. In analyzing your request, we will review the number of email addresses you have listed in your "Active" folder and give you the opportunity to move additional email addresses to your "Inactive" folder, if needed. Once granted, the downgrade will take effect on your next monthly billing date.*

    *Please Note: All Founders Club and Professional Packages require a Plan D or above monthly subscription. Due to limited package availability, they may not be downgraded.

  15. If I am currently a Starter Associate, what will it cost to upgrade to Executive?

    To take advantage of the many benefits of being an Executive Associate, such as a Custom Template and the special new Executive Bronze Maker Bonus, all you need to do is pay the $200 difference between the current Starter and Executive Packages.

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